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Take a trip into the inner workings of MITT MUSIC! The things that make us tick, our passion and inspirations! Disclaimer: we can only express what's real to us, that includes issues non-related to music!

More Mitt Music

If Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and all the social sites aren't enough...well there's more. LOL 

All the released music by Mitt Music can be found and supported in one place. Always more music for the masses. 

Follow the link below(or click the picture) for the Bandcamp page.

SPENSER STERLING - No Need to Rush (feat. Daneik Ashley)

Its almost Halloween and of course, cuffing season. SOOOOOO, that means lets keep it simple.

Spenser Sterling is back with another single! In addition to that Daneik Ashley added her expertise to this pre-RWA banger!

Follow the link in the picture or the tab below to feel this ultimate VIBE!

*Click through for the Official For Nip Video!*

Mitt Music Presents:P.U.T.P.(Picking Up The Pieces, Vol I)

Where has the time gone!? No really WTF!!!!

On December 31st 2018 Mitt Music released PUTP, Vol I! A compilation of some older tracks and some newer cut as well. The usual suspects are here for you and yours.

The release will be on all the major streaming services as well as the Mitt Music bandcamp page, where you can listen now. We sure hope you enjoy. OH YEAH!!!!



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